Free Shopify theme support is provided for all customers who purchase a Shopify theme via or the for use within a single store.

If a theme has been purchased for 1 store and is being used for 2 without an additional purchase then this means the 2nd usage is unlicensed and not eligible for any support.
All Shopify themes in use for a store must have their own purchase as each theme purchase licenses you to use that theme for 1 store only.

When purchasing a theme from this website you will receive the same level of support from both Shopify and us. If there is an issue or a part of the theme config that you are struggling with you should reach out to us directly via our support forum.

We try our best to monitor the tickets around the clock, please allow 24 – 48 hours to receive an answer to your issue. Our support team operates between the hours of 09:00 – 17:00 GMT+7 Monday through Friday. We will not support in public holiday. All information about public holiday, we will notify at our forum.

If you are having issues with the inner admin of your Shopify account or have a general Shopify question you should reach out to Shopify’s support or explore their help pages.


Correcting bugs within the standard code from the theme – if bugs have arisen due to modifications, we would advise on steps to re-visit the third party who has made the changes for a correction of their work or can assist in resetting your theme files. We can not support code created by other parties that has been added to the theme.

Offering assistance in the form of questions and answers in using the features of the the theme as designed in the initial installation without modification.

All theme support is provided by an email ticket system in which all enquiries are handled on a first come, first served basis. This allows us to provide a fair level to all.

We do not offer telephone support, chat or screen sharing services at this time.


Customizations to the existing code within a theme and modifications to it’s layout or the repositioning of items within any part of the template.

We are asked on a daily basis by a high volume of customers to make a small change here and there, due to the volume that we see of these requests we can not give this and maintain a fast and fair level of support to customers who are experiencing problems within their store.

For every minute spent making a modification a customer with an urgent issue is waiting.

We can not be on-hand to make ad-hoc changes to your store or content within that.

If you are a designer and have been hired to modify a store for a client we are unable to give line by line instructions to you on how to change code within a merchants store. We recommend the usage Chrome Developer Tools to help you quickly test and debug your revisions.

Theme support is not offered in any form to users of themes where a purchase has not been made for the usage of that theme in it’s current store. Using 1 theme purchase in 2 stores will invalidate all support.


You are not restricted to working only with your theme developer. Upon purchase of a theme you have full access to the code which can be modified by anyone of your choosing.

There are a number of other solutions for having changes made to your Shopify theme. We also offer custom work services. You can send your request to [email protected], we will notify the cost to you.

Alternatively Shopify’s expert marketplace will put you in touch with hundreds of designers and developers who can quote for alterations on any scale that you would like to make.